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Young Women

Common Reproductive Health Concerns for Women

Reproductive health is the physical, mental, and social well-being of the male and female reproductive systems during all stages of life. The female reproductive system includes the ovaries and uterus. Taking care of this system is important for your personal health and well-being. It is especially important if you may want to become a mother,…

What does the COVID-19 Delta Variant mean for me and my family?

While cities and states have been opening up this summer, COVID-19 cases are rising due to the Delta variant. The Delta variant is a type of COVID-19 that spreads more easily and is more dangerous. More and more children are testing positive for COVID-19 and some children have died from COVID-19.  It’s more important than

What are the benefits of family planning?

Family planning helps a woman choose when to have a baby (or not to have one at all). This can be done many ways, but some common options are birth control methods such as pills and IUDs. Even common items such as condoms are a form of family planning because they help you to not

How can I keep my baby safe as COVID-19 restrictions loosen?

As more people get the COVID-19 vaccine and COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted across the country, it is still important to be careful when taking your baby into public spaces. All COVID-19 restrictions in Michigan have officially been lifted on June 22, so here are some things to keep in mind to protect your family. 

Is it safe to get the COVID-19 vaccine if I want to have a baby in the future?

Yes, you will still be able to have a baby after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. The COVID-19 vaccine won’t harm a pregnancy or make it harder to get pregnant. There is currently no evidence that any vaccine changes fertility. Women have become pregnant after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. The COVID-19 vaccine does not change the

Your Menstrual Cycle: What you should know

Your Menstrual Cycle You know your body better than anyone, but how much do you know about what goes on every month around your period? Your menstrual cycle is the time from the first day of your period until the day before your next period. Get to know your body and your cycle. While you…

I’m Pregnant, How Can I Get Health Insurance?

When you are pregnant, you may go to your healthcare provider more often than usual to make sure you and your baby are healthy. Health insurance (also referred to as a health plan or health coverage) can help pay for this care so that you do not need to pay the entire cost out of

Safe Sex and Birth Control

What is Safe Sex? You’re in the moment and things are getting hot, but that’s not the time to throw caution to the wind! Having safe sex means protecting yourself and your partner from an unplanned pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, or sexually transmitted infections (STIs, also known as STDs or sexually transmitted diseases). Stay safe by talking…

Staying Motivated

Reaching goals is like long distance running, not a short sprint. The goals you set may not always be easy to reach. That doesn’t mean that you should give up on them. They are still good goals. You will have challenges and slip-ups on the path to reaching your goals. Pay attention to the things…

Eating Right for your Body

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to eating right for your body. It’s more than just the foods you eat. Eating healthy also means not skipping meals, eating the right portions, and drinking enough water. Tips for healthy eating: 1. Eat balanced meals throughout the day Don’t skip meals. Keep your body…


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Having a Baby? Get Prenatal Care