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Community Health Worker, Felicia Lane, has been with the program since inception. The first woman Felicia ever helped was Destanee Taylor (pictured in black). Back then Felicia was a Community Neighborhood Navigator for Sew Up the Safety Net. While Felicia home visited Destanee, Leola (pictured with baby), the younger sister, listened closely. As a young teenager Leola eagerly learned about reproductive health from Felicia. Years later when Leola became pregnant she called Felicia and the newly rebranded WIN Network for support. Now, Felicia is Leola’s CHW.  Felicia helped Leola receive prenatal care and is even linking her with resources to go back to school. Felicia’s work with the two sisters had a lasting impact. Destanee learned about pregnancy spacing from Sew Up the Safety Net and decided to use birth control after having her son. Working with Felicia helped both Destanee and Leola to plan and transform their lives. From Sew Up the Safety Net to the Women-Inspired Neighborhood Network, Community Health Workers like Felicia have been helping Detroit women and babies thrive.



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Having a Baby? Get Prenatal Care