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It Is Okay Not to Know

It  is okay not to know.  I am twenty one and about to finish college and I am still not sure about my future plans. Before entering college, I thought I had my whole life figured out. I planned to  graduate from college as a neuroscience major and quickly afterwards attend medical school. But life, has had a different plan for me. I am about to graduate as a public health major with the intention of attending graduate school or entering the workforce. At first, I was a bit disappointed in myself. I saw myself as a failure who easily gives up. Thus, before changing my plans, I forced myself to take chemistry classes and volunteer at a clinic, things I particularly did not enjoy. I was miserable, but I felt that quitting  my well thought life plan was not an option. It took a lot of crying to finally accept that I was not destined to pursue neuroscience or medical school. Even though my plans drastically changed, I do not regret any of my choices. In school, I have explored countless majors in which I have fallen in love with English and healthcare classes. I have interned at places that introduced me to people  who found happiness in the healthcare world without being doctors and who have inspired me to pursue public health. I have met amazing people that showed me that  life is full of many adventures like traveling and experiencing new things.

Even though I am still unsure of my next step, I am excited to see what life has in store for me. I have learned not to be afraid to trying new things. I always thought writing was not for me, but after taking an English class I realized how much I enjoy it. I realized that changing careers can be beneficial. In my case, it helped me find my true passion, mental health advocacy. I have learned to follow my dreams. Even if some people disapproved  of my choice of dropping pre-medical studies, I did what was best for me and what would make me happier.

In the end, it is okay if you do not know what you want to do with your life. Life is full of surprises and your next step may present itself in an unexpected  manner. It has taken me a while to accept that most life plans do not work out as you intended them to, but letting life takes its natural course can make life much less stressful. Just remember, your life is not set in stone. You have the power to change it for the better.


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