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Dad’s and Grandparent’s Guides to Infant Safe Sleep

March 14-20, 2021 is Infant Safe Sleep Awareness Week. Each year, too many babies die from unsafe sleep, but we can change that. There are simple steps you can take to keep your baby safe while they sleep.

Dads and grandparents play an important role in keeping a baby safe and preventing unsafe sleep deaths. New moms are often tired, stressed, and overwhelmed with all of the information they need to remember to care for their baby. New moms need support from dads and grandparents to make sure  baby is sleeping safely. If you are a dad or a grandparent of a new baby, check out these infant safe sleep guides and protect your newest family member by following the rules of infant safe sleep.

How can you make sure your baby sleeps safely? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure your baby’s bed is free of toys, blankets, or other people. These items might get in the way of baby’s mouth or nose and make it hard for them to breathe.
  2. Put the baby to sleep on his or her back.

  3. Sleep in the same room as the infant, but never in the same bed.
  4. Give the baby a smoke-free sleeping space. (No tobacco, marijuana, vaping, or e-cigarettes in the place your baby sleeps). Smoke particles stay in baby’s bedding and make it harder for them to breathe. 



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Having a Baby? Get Prenatal Care