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Finally Full-Term: April and Ava

In April’s last pregnancy before joining WIN Network: Detroit, she delivered her son prematurely at 30 weeks and he fought for his life in the NICU. During this pregnancy April experienced depression and anxiety, and did not feel she received the prenatal care or the support she needed.
April joined WIN Network: Detroit’s group prenatal care during her most recent pregnancy with her daughter, Ava, and had a full-term delivery at 38 weeks, after getting the care and support she deserved. Ava is April’s fourth child, and before joining WIN Network: Detroit, April had never been able to carry a pregnancy full-term before giving birth.
April credits her Community Health Worker, Nada Dickinson, as a main reason she was able to carry Ava full-term and have a healthy, stress-free pregnancy. Nada assisted April by providing resources for her and her family, performed home visits throughout April’s pregnancy, and acted as an important source of support during pregnancy and after the birth. April also believes that the group setting of prenatal care, the support from other moms, and the extended amount of time she had with her midwife helped her carry Ava 38 weeks.
During her pregnancy with WIN Network: Detroit, April didn’t have any of the medical issues she had during previous pregnancies, like preeclampsia and depression. Ava is now almost 6 months old, and is a happy and healthy #DetroitWINNER baby. Watch our video to learn more about April and Ava and their amazing success story!

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How long are you supposed to wait in between having babies?
It is recommended that you wait at least 18 months in between each pregnancy.  This means after you give birth, wait one and a half years to get pregnant again. This gives your body time to heal from a previous pregnancy before having another. It also gives you and your family time to bond with Read More

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