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Linda J

LINDA J: Sometimes the women in our neighborhood become a little sad and discouraged, but that’ s when you need to find your Community Neighborhood Navigator to help encourage you, lift you up, show you what you need to do,

ADRIAN: It’s always something different with Linda every single visit that’s why I value our visits. I enjoy our conversation. She’s someone who I can relate to that relates to me. It makes me feel like I’m not the only person going through things.

LINDA J: Coming up in Detroit was a little hard for us. My mother was a single mother of seven kids. So things were rough. Someone took the time out to assist us when we needed it the most. Being a CNN in the Brightmoor area I am able to give back to the community what the community has given to me.

LINDA J: So whatever your goals are or your vision for your family, we as Community Neighborhood Navigators can assist you and help you achieve some of these goals. Maybe you need your GED? Maybe you need job readiness or job training? We can find someone or some place in your community to help you achieve.

ADRIAN: She is making sure I stay focused. It is a goal of mine to stay focused. As long as I’m focused on a task at hand, which is school and my daughter, I’m ok! There’s not too many out here who do the things she does, who goes the extra miles that she goes. She is a genuine person from the bottom of her soul and I love her for that.

LINDA J: All you have to do is dial 313-874-4581 or go to So don’t be afraid to ask for help. We as Community Neighborhood Navigators, we are here to assist you, encourage you, and inspire you.

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Can I Develop Diabetes While Pregnant?
Diabetes is a chronic disease that develops when your blood sugar (blood glucose) levels are too high. If you are pregnant, you can develop gestational diabetes (gestational means the time when you are pregnant). About 7 in 100 pregnant women will get gestational diabetes. Even though it usually goes away once a woman is no Read More
I don’t always have transportation. How am I supposed to get to my prenatal care appointments?
Not having reliable access to a car, bus, or other form of transportation can make it harder to get to your healthcare provider throughout pregnancy. There are many free transportation resources in Detroit, even during COVID-19. Additionally, WIN Network: Detroit has more remote offerings to make sure you can receive care. Resources in Detroit Cars: Read More

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Having a Baby? Get Prenatal Care