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CHW Spotlight: Felicia Lane

Felicia Lane is a Community Health Worker with WIN Network: Detroit who brings her passion and determination as a Detroiter to her work. Our group prenatal care moms love Felicia – they often call her “Granny Lane,” because she’s so much more than just a Community Health Worker to our moms. When Felicia is in your life, she is family. Today, we’re shining a spotlight on Felicia Lane and the amazing work she does every day in Detroit to help our babies thrive!


At a group prenatal care reunion in 2018, Felicia holds the baby of a mother who she supported throughout pregnancy.


How long have you been a CHW?

I have been a Community Health Worker for 27 years.


What is your favorite memory as a CHW? 

My favorite memory was with WIN Network a few years ago when we held community baby showers. A mom came to me and said she has had 5 children but has never had a baby shower, until now, because of WIN Network. She said, “thank you for giving my baby a baby shower.”


What is your favorite topic/activity to cover in group prenatal care? 

The Vision Board, which we do in the first group prenatal care session, is my favorite. This activity allows moms and dads to really think about what they want in the journey of life.


Felicia hugs her group prenatal care mom, Kalimah.


What is the biggest challenge you face as a Community Health Worker? 

The biggest challenge for me is realizing that I alone can’t help everyone.


Why is it important for a mom to have Community Health Worker support during pregnancy?  

Having support of any kind is so important, especially during pregnancy. Having a CHW is that additional support that a mom and her family needs to help with getting resources, accessing information they need to know, or just having someone to talk to during this time.


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Having a Baby? Get Prenatal Care