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Lettuce Eat

We want to feed our family the best. It may seem that trying to buy healthy, local, fresh food is expensive. A great option is to grow your own food!

For just $10, you can join Keep Growing Detroit’s Garden Resource Program. From March to July, you’ll receive:

  • A huge variety of seeds and transplants
  • Access to garden experts with professional advice
  • Special education series
  • Ability to grow many varieties of tomatoes, peas, beets, collards, peppers, and more!

Get started by contact them at or call 313-757-2635.

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Before you start, here’s what you need:

A sunny place for your veggies to grow
– If you have space outside, you can create an outdoor garden or raised bed.
– If you have space inside, you can use a variety of containers or pots.

– If you have space outside, you can send a sample of your soil to Keep Growing Detroit. If you’re an active member, it’s free!
– If you have space inside, you can purchase dirt from a variety of home and garden stores. Try Detroit Farm and Garden.

Gardening tools: Like gloves, shovel, and watering can.

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After you find your perfect spot and gather all your tools, it’s time to get your garden growing!

  1. photo 4Prepare the soil: Whether you’re garden is inside or outside you’ll need to make sure your space is free of leaves, sticks, or garbage. After you clear your space, mix up the soil to break up chunks of dirt.
  2. Make rows: Create mounds of dirt with 4-6 inch trenches between each mound. These are spaces for you to stand between each row. It also creates a place for water to drain off.
  3. Plant and water: Each seed and plant is different. Make sure to follow the directions listed on the seed packet or any information that comes with your plant.
  4. Help it grow: Continue to maintain the garden by watering and weeding the area as needed.
  5. Harvest your food!

TIP: Grow greens! Unlike other vegetables, growing lettuce is a vegetable that keeps on giving and giving even after you harvest it. When you harvest it, cut the leaf above the base of the plant. By doing this, the lettuce will continue to grow more leaves.

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Having a Baby? Get Prenatal Care