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Street Smarts

Do you think your kids would do the same thing in the following video? Click here.

Bullies, strangers, and dangerous situations can happen at any minute of the day no matter where you are. Teaching your children street smarts is important and good to keep in mind for you too!

Put words into action

  • Practice what you would do in certain situations. Working on this over and over again will help you and your family remember what to do.

Always be aware

  • Keep an eye on the people you are around and what they’re doing
  • Look to your left and to your right to see your surroundings.

Trust your gut

  • If you are in a situation that seems “off” or “not right”, just leave or call 911

Let others know where you are going and where you will be

  • When either your kids or you head out of the house, make it clear everyone knows where eachother are and how to reach one another

Safe spaces

  • Identify houses or phone numbers of family members, close friends, police or fire stations, libraries, or other safe place where you can go to for help
  • Point out a special place where you can meet up, if you were ever separated

Strength in numbers

  • When you’re out and about try to make sure you’re not alone. Go with a group of friends

Stay away from those you don’t know

  • Even if someone says they need help, it may be a trick that may lead you into a dangerous situation
  • Especially watch out for people who may want to bate you into going with them by telling you they have puppies, candy, ice cream,etc

Be loud

  • If you feel that you’re in danger, SCREAM for help or fire!

More safety tips

  • Always wear a seatbelt
  • Keep your porch light on
  • Get to know your neighbors
  • Connect with your local precinct’s community relations officer


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