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Thanks, Birth Control!

7 reasons why I am thankful
for my birth control!


1. Birth control puts me in control of when and if I want to have a family. That way I have time to plan and get ready.

2. Birth control gives me time to save my money. Now I know I’ll be able to afford what my baby will need.

3. Birth control gives me time to finish my degree and reach my goals.

4. Birth control gives me and my partner a chance to know and enjoy each other, before having a baby.

5. Birth control started a conversation between my partner and me about our future plans. Now we feel closer than ever.

6. Birth control lets me to enjoy my sex life without worrying about getting pregnant before I’m ready.

7. Birth control, like the pill and condoms, put me in charge of my life and my future.


Why are you thankful for your birth control? Share with us your reasons in the comment section below!

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Having a Baby? Get Prenatal Care