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Utility Assistance- Staying warm in the D

We don’t have to tell you it is cold in the Detroit! Michigan winds, snow, and ice can be down right chilly! Keeping your home warm is tough in the long winter. There are local programs that offer assistance to help keep your heat on.

The Community Neighborhood Navigators (CNN) in your area can help you reach out to different resources for your heating needs. If you are enrolled in WIN Network: Detroit, contact your CNN for more info.

If you are not yet enrolled with WIN Network: Detroit, don’t worry. It is easy to Contact Us to see if you can join.

Many assistance programs fill up quickly, so don’t hesitate to apply if you need help this winter.


Click on the program names below to visit their website: 

Utility Assistance


United Way 2-1-1:  This organization offers a database of different resources in your area. To speak to a specialist and find programs that meet your needs, call 2-1-1, or 1-800-552-1183.


DTE Energy Assistance Program: This program offers multiple programs to assist in reducing and paying bills. They also offer Customer Assistance Events.  These events offer you personalized guidance with a DTE Energy representative to apply for Energy Assistance at a DTE Energy office. They also offer you other ways to reduce your energy bills. You must pre-register to attend the next event.


Salvation Army Utility Assistance: Through two programs, Share the Warmth and PeopleCare, Salvation Army is able to offer utility assistance. To reach out to them for aid, call 248-443-5500.


THAW: Energy assistance program. Call 800-866-8429 to find your local THAW agency.


EcoWorks (formerly WARM Training Center):  This organization offers a wide variety of services and tips to help you save money on your energy and water bills. Call 313-894-1030 for more information.


Department of Human Services: This city department offers temporary heat and utility assistance for low-income families and individuals. They may be able to assist with the funds needed to restore or continue service for the next 30 days. You are required to pay a portion of your bill.

More options for utility assistance can be found on in our Resource section


Warming Centers

If you are looking for places to warm up this winter, here are a few local warming centers:

Ss. Peter and Paul Warming Center: The center opens each weekday from 7am – 11am and offers warm hospitality, a hot meal, and a place to rest. There are also showering facilities, laundry room, and a registered nurse offering health care.  In addition, there is access to Homeless Experience Legal Protection to assist with various legal issues. The Warming Center is located at 438 St. Antoine Street. For more information, call 313-961-8077.


Operation Get Down Emergency Shelter & Warming Center: Located at 6821 Medbury, Operation Get Down opens their warming center during the winter season. They serve women, children, and men. They also offer transportation. Food is provided before lights-out at 10pm. They are open every day from 7pm – 7am. For more information, call 313-921-9422.


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