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Goal Setting

You are young and fabulous and you have your whole life ahead of you. You probably have big dreams for yourself. Thinking ahead gives you a plan. It’s like turn-by-turn navigation for what you need to do each day to reach your goals.

You have the power to make a difference your life.

 Why should you set goals?

  • It gives you a plan. Life can get pretty crazy and busy at times. It’s easy to lose track of what you want to get done. Setting goals helps you stay focused and on the right path. It reminds you of where you want to go in your life and what the steps you want to get done are.
  • It gives you confidence. Setting and reaching a goal feels good. It gives you the power to change your life. If you don’t reach all of your goals, you are still learning from your mistakes. Either way, it can help you be successful in your life.
  • It makes you happy. When you are in charge of your life, it improves your mood. It’s a great feeling to know that you are in control.
  • It makes you want to do more. Achieving one goal makes you want to achieve more. This leads to more positive changes in your life.
  • You’ll feel proud. It doesn’t matter whether your goals are big or small. Or if they are personal or professional. It feels good to accomplish what you set out to do.
  • It creates success. You can turn your dreams into your reality by creating a plan and working toward your goals. You can create the life that you want.

Small Steps

 It’s great to have big dreams, but big dreams are made of small steps for your everyday life. Completing small goals will get you closer each day to your bigger goals.

For Example:

Big goal: Getting your GED or Associate’s degree.

Small goals: Gathering information about how to enroll. Taking one class. Getting into the habit of waking up early.


Big goal: Deciding whether or not to have a baby.

Small goals: Talking to your partner about it. Visiting your doctor to discuss your options. Creating a reproductive life plan.


Big goal: Moving into your own place.

Small goal: Finding affordable houses or apartments in your area or looking into housing assistance programs. Figuring out your budget. Starting to put aside money each week for rent or your down payment.

Setting Goals

When you are coming up with your goal, keep these tips in mind:

It should make sense for you.

When you’re creating your goal, it needs to be something that is important and has value to you. Relate it to something you like. It should also be something that is realistic and within your control. This makes you more likely to achieve it.

BAD EXAMPLE: I will eat more vegetables like broccoli, even though I don’t like broccoli.

GOOD EXAMPLE: I will try to eat new vegetables I’ve never tried before.

Be very specific.

Make sure that your goals are very clear. Include exact details. The more details your goals have, the easier they are to follow.

BAD EXAMPLE: I want to be exercise more.

GOOD EXAMPLE: I will be active for 20 minutes, 3 times a week by doing a cardio activity like jogging.

Set an exact time.

It’s very important to create a deadline for exactly when you will complete your goal. This will also help you to stay on track with your progress.

BAD EXAMPLE: I will try to cook my own dinner.

GOOD EXAMPLE: I will try to cook my own dinner at least 3 times a week from now until 3 months from now.

Make it real.

 Write out your goals on a piece of paper. Put it in a place where you will see it each day. You can also make a vision board and cut out pictures from magazines to remind you what your goal is.

Remember- If you get off course or are having trouble reaching your goals it doesn’t mean failure! You may need to break it up into smaller goals, or think again about your plan to figure out another route to your destination.

Local resources

  • WIN Network: Detroit: If you are eligible for our program, we can help you work on reaching your goals.
  • YWCA: mentoring program for young adult women. They make matches with outstanding women throughout the community to develop an easier transition from school to the workplace.
  • Mercy Education Project: Located in Southwest, this organization provides classes for literacy, adult basic education, GED prep, and career/workforce development services. Open Doors is a new program for women to re-integrate into society after being in prison.
  • PATH Program: Partnership Accountability Training Hope is a work participation program required for those receiving cash assistance. It helps to identify barriers for the participant and connects them to resources for employment.
  • Focus: HOPE: This organization offers a variety of GED prep classes, skills enrichment courses, and job placement.
  • Michigan Workforce Development: This program assists the unemployed with finding work and offers layoff assistance.
  • Adult Basic Education Program: This free program is a part of Wayne County Community College. It offers a variety of courses and career exploration.
  • Matrix Human Services: Located at The Matrix Center in Osborn, the center offers services in computer skills, goal setting, and interview preparation.

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