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Your Support Team

Social support means having people who you can go to in times of need. They make up your support team. Your support team can help you to feel at ease during and after your pregnancy. They can listen to your problems and offer you a hug. They can give you material support like money, food, or a place to live. Or your support team can give you information that may be useful to you.

Benefits of Your Support Team

Having a team of people who care about you has many benefits. It is good for your health and the health of your growing baby. When you have strong connections to people, you are less likely to get sick or die early from illness. These people can help you handle situations that cause you stress.

Asking for Help

Sometimes it can be hard to ask another person for help or for a favor. Asking for help doesn’t mean that you are weak. It means that you are strong and smart enough to realize that you can’t always do everything yourself.

5 easy ways to ask for support:

1. Choose the right time.

Choose the right time to ask. This may be when the person is rested and in a positive mood. Don’t ask if one of you is tired, busy, angry, hungry, grumpy, or worried about something.

2. Explain your idea.

Tell them what you would like from them. Let them know it is very important to you.

 3. Say why you need their help.

It helps if your family and friends know you have a reason for asking. It lets them know their help is important.

4. Say exactly what you need.

If your family and friends do not know exactly what you need, they can’t help in the best way possible. Speak calmly and clearly. Stay positive.

5. Thank your family and friends for their help.

Let them know you appreciate their support.

Finding Support

There are many places where you can find the support you are looking for.

Family and Friends.

Whether it is your partner, a relative, a grandparent or a friend, those closest to you are an excellent source of support. These people know you the best and may know what you need without you even having to ask.

Your Activities.

The people that you meet from your normal activities can be a great source of support. Is there someone from church or your classes that you can talk to? Not every relationship has to be super close to provide support. Sometimes being able to talk about your worries is all the support you need.

Support Groups.

Look for support groups or pregnancy classes around where you live. Look for these groups at community centers, clinics, or churches. They are a great way to meet and connect with people who are going through similar experiences.

The WIN Network.

The WINN support team is here to help and support you however they can. They can connect you to resources in your community. These include food assistance, transportation, child care, and many other resources. Call 313-874-2187.


Tips for Dad:

You are a great source of support for your partner.

  • If you aren’t sure what kind of support your partner needs, ask her.
  • If you think your partner isn’t getting enough support from her existing network, encourage her to join a support group and meet other expectant mothers.

Local Resources:

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Having a Baby? Get Prenatal Care