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Muriel, Chadsey-Condon

Children: 2 daughters age ranging 5 years old to 9 months

Before this all happened, I was living in an apartment and working. When I was five months into my pregnancy, the doctor told me I had gestational diabetes. And, since my previous pregnancies after my first child were a miscarriage and a stillborn, the doctor told me to go on bed rest.  Because of that I lost my job, wasn’t able to get on cash assistance, and couldn’t afford to have my place anymore.

When I got in touch with Bernadine, a CNN (Community Neighborhood Navigator) in my neighborhood, she gave me referrals to shelters, resources for my baby, and how to get back in school to get my GED.

With her help, I got into a program to get my own housing for my family and me.

She also assisted me in getting things ready for my baby, like reaching out to resources to get a crib, diapers, and clothes. She also showed me how to go to food pantries and churches to get things for my personal hygiene and groceries.

Since I will receive my GED soon, I will start in community college in June 2013. I really want to go to school and have a career. I’m tired of working these penny-pinching jobs. I don’t want my girls to grow up and go through the things that I did. I want to be an example for my two daughters.

My problems are not solved. But I’m just taking it one step at a time.

NOTE: Since the time of this interview Muriel received her GED and began community college. She also has started a new job. Congratulations Muriel! Muriel is the daughter of Bernadine, a member of the WIN Network staff. Family members of staff are permitted to participate in  WIN Network as long as they qualify for the program. 


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Having a Baby? Get Prenatal Care