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healthy eating

Take Advantage of Summer Produce

| assistance, Detroit, eating healthy, food, healthy eating, healthy food, nutrition, resources

The summer is a great time to take advantage of fresh fruits and veggies. Fruits and veggies are a good source of vitamins and minerals that you need to keep you and your baby healthy. They can also be quite refreshing in the heat of summer. It can be tricky to find fresh fruit and…

What foods can help with morning sickness?

| advice, eating healthy, food, health, healthy eating, healthy food, nutrition, resources

There are many foods and drinks that can be used to combat morning sickness or pregnancy nausea. To keep you and your baby healthy, it is important that you continue to eat nutritious foods and drink liquids. However, sometimes during pregnancy, it can be difficult to enjoy food and drinks. Pregnancy heightens your senses. This…

Healthy Holiday Tips

| assistance, balanced meals, calories, family, family meals, food, food pantries, health, healthy, healthy eating, healthy food, holidays, nutrients, nutrition, nutrition labels, portions, serving size, vegetables, water, weight loss

Bringing the family together around the dinner table is a huge part of the holidays. However, all of the sweet potato pies, turkeys, pop, and everything else can really add up! Julie Fromm, Registered Dietitian of Henry Ford Health System’s Generation with Promise dishes out some super easy tips for healthy eating during the holidays.…

4 Things Every Girl Should Be Doing NOW

| assistance, birth defects, doctors visits, exercis, family tree, folic acid, future, health, healthy eating, help, nutrition, physical activity, plan, planning, pregnancy, reproductive plan, sleep, support

Whether you plan to have a baby soon or having kids is way down the road for you, there are 4 things that every girl can do now to help prevent birth defects and having a baby too early. Make a plan We know that anything can happen at any moment. Making a plan about…

Lettuce Eat

| assistance, budget, Detroit, eating healthy, family, food, health, healthy eating, healthy food, local resources, nutrition, resources

We want to feed our family the best. It may seem that trying to buy healthy, local, fresh food is expensive. A great option is to grow your own food!

Got an app for that?

| asking for help, assistance, baby, baby safety, budget, child safety, food, healthy eating, help baby, housing, nutrition, prenatal care, reproductive hea, resources, safety, saving money, support

Try these as your go to tools for managing everything from your doctor’s appointments to what’s for dinner to birth control. Here are our top picks for apps we gotta have!


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Having a Baby? Get Prenatal Care