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Pregnant Women

You’ve got what it takes to be an amazing mom. There is a lot to think about with a baby on the way. There are things you can do to get your mind and body ready.

Success Stories of Pregnant Women

Life gets a little rough sometimes, so you really want to make sure you're taking... Your Health Before & Between Pregnancies

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Sharonda had a long journey dealing with the loss of her two babies. Connecting... Sharonda

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What’s a doula? Cynthia, Sacred Rose Birthing Services, and Marta, CHASS... Cynthia & Marta, Community Doulas

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I am able to give back to the community, what the community has given to me.

Linda J

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I was homeless,
and I needed help.


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This is your baby, this is your body, so you have the right to ask questions and... Nicole

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It's like the weight is lifted off your shoulders, once you know you actually have... Erika

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Get connected with the WIN Network for tools to build a strong future for you and your baby.

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Too many babies in Detroit die before their first birthday. Babies have the best chance when their moms are healthy. But, with all of life’s demands, our own health often takes a back seat. We are women helping women live their best lives. We connect women with tools to address their immediate needs so they can focus on their health and the health of their families.

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Can I Develop Diabetes While Pregnant?
Diabetes is a chronic disease that develops when your blood sugar (blood glucose) levels are too high. If you are pregnant, you can develop gestational diabetes (gestational means the time when you are pregnant). About 7 in 100 pregnant women will get gestational diabetes. Even though it usually goes away once a woman is no Read More
I don’t always have transportation. How am I supposed to get to my prenatal care appointments?
Not having reliable access to a car, bus, or other form of transportation can make it harder to get to your healthcare provider throughout pregnancy. There are many free transportation resources in Detroit, even during COVID-19. Additionally, WIN Network: Detroit has more remote offerings to make sure you can receive care. Resources in Detroit Cars: Read More

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Having a Baby? Get Prenatal Care